Traveling in a motorhome with children

Of course, a 100% recommendable experience, although you have to be conscious that the space is really reduced and if you go like us, a family of 6, the moment of everyone inside the caravan to disassemble a table and assemble a bed is tremendous! one side and then everyone to the other, and that it does not rain but the dripping on the roof and everyone entering with their little shoes soaked is ......, but except for this, an unforgettable trip, being able to stop wherever you want with all your gear, and being right in front of the sea is a joy, the feeling that you are in a truck and the road is yours is great fun and especially for children, being able to travel playing or organizing a snack makes trips very short.

For this first time, it won't be the last, because despite the buts we stayed with all the good things, we chose the Ebro Delta, a group of friends traveled, 8 couples with all their children, you can imagine... we stayed in a campsite because of the inexperience and for having the children a little more controlled, the first night we organized dinner together, some potato omelettes, sausages, bread with tomato and a little more. On Saturday, as soon as we woke up, we unfolded our little tables in the morning and organized a spectacular breakfast in shifts, we went to explore a little and discovered the wonderful endless beach of the Delta, everything was very well maintained and clean, the children took the opportunity to take a quick swim and we returned for the coaches to move to San Carlos de la Rapita where we took a boat to eat at a Musclera, the boat trip worthy of mention they put on some great music that we ended up dancing and singing, adults and children, in the muscleras You reserve a closed menu that includes the boat trip, for the children it is very comfortable because they can swim and it does not cover much, so we extend it until the last boat. At night we organized a barbecue at the campsite, and the next day we rented bicycles to explore a little more of the delta, we were able to see many birds of different species, the route is very comfortable because it is all flat and the children endure well, and yes Do you have a friend who is entertaining you with music and I don't even tell you. Back home we saw all the rice fields, houses completely surrounded by water, a wonderful landscape that we all have to take care of because as the locals say, the Delta is disappearing and it would be a real shame if others could not enjoy everything that we we saw!!!

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