Borondo Beanbags

We start Holy Week and we continue thinking about new articles and new fabrics that we will publish little by little, after a few days in my land La Rioja!!!, for those of you who do not know it, of course I recommend it 100%, I would say million reasons but I will only name a few..., for its people!!, for its wines!!!, for its spoon delicacies!!, for its Cultural Heritage, for its landscapes.....!!! !, if one day you plan a trip I will gladly help you to recommend routes or restaurants, on Palm Sunday we spent it in Nájera we went to visit the Monastery of Santa Maria la Real, historical heritage of Spain, we could not access the church but only with see the cloister you get an idea of ​​the greatness!!, one of the visits together with the Monasteries of Suso and Yuso, cradle of the Castilian, almost it's time to change luggage and go to the mountain for a few days to see what we met because the weather was showing regularly but well there are always a thousand alternative plans!!!🏔

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